Welcome to Pivit, where real time data and millions of opinions converge to form prediction markets for any event

How does it work?

Pivit's prediction markets combine historical data, real-time info, and the wisdom of the crowds to produce live odds of real-world events occurring. Founded by the creators of Intrade, the models behind Pivit have been perfected over many years.

The historical and real-time data comes from a variety of sources, many of which are exclusive to Pivit. Through an exciting prediction game, this data is combined with the wisdom of the crowds and the output is an extremely accurate probability, that updates multiple times a second, producing live prediction markets.



From your favorite teams win probability to live odds on the Heisman trophy, we've got it all covered.

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There's no better way to follow the 2016 election than through Pivit's live odds for each candidate.

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Experience the rush of following and trading the market without the stress that comes with real money on the line.

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Every day we'll be adding new events so you can follow along and tell us what you think about the current hot topics in the world.

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Predict which way the probability of an event's outcome will move

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